The Brief

As part of my university course, I was tasked with the brief to create a simple weather-related app that will teach you about the various tools, techniques and technologies involved in UX.

My Roles Included;

  • Research

  • User Persona 

  • Idea Generation 

  • Brand & Identity 

  • Lo-Fi Sketches

  • Wireframes

  • Visual Design (UI)


After some mind-mapping and brainstorming, I had narrowed all my ideas down to a final three. However, two of those three were apps directed towards kids. I loved these ideas as it would enable me to make my work very fun and illustrative, but I figured I had already designed a kids travel app and wanted to do something a little different to broaden my horizons. 


I decided to develop an app that suggests different playlists based on your location. I had read an article by Spotify which basically says the weather has an influence over the music we listen to, so I decided to develop and explore this concept.


The on boarding process would require the user to sign up with their Spotify or Apple Music account. Next, the app would gain access to your location and tell you the weather. Based on the weather, the app would give suggested playlists in order of popularity. 

For example, if the weather outside was cold, wet and miserable, the app would suggest some cold, wet and miserable playlists so that users could embrace the bad weather. However the app would also suggest happy, upbeat playlists to cheer everyone up, despite the bad weather outside.

Target Audience

WAVE is targeted towards people around the age of 18-30 years old.

I needed to make sure I was designing for my target audience. To do this I decided to create some user personas to establish their needs and goals, but also to guide my ideation process.


Mood board

I created a digital mood board which you can view here. This helped me visualise ideas, concepts and set the visual direction for the project.

Based on my research I decided that the appropriate design style would be to go for chunky shapes and bold colours. This is different from something that I would usually do but I really wanted to push myself in this project. 



Next I needed to come up with a name and brand. The branding part was easy. Coming up with a name on the other hand was a bit more tricky. I'm usually pretty good at coming up for names that I like. I really loved the name LUSH for my app. Although if I named my app LUSH everyone would just think of Lush Cosmetics. 

Eventually I landed on WAVE. I think WAVE has more connotations with the weather and it also connects to music thought sound waves.

I used the 'play' or triangle icon as part of my logo mark.


Wireframe Sketches

After establishing the brand, considering the research and what kind of design style I was aiming for, I was ready to start sketching some rough wireframe sketches.

Visual Design

After doing some wireframes I finally started to create the visual design for WAVE. I took some inspiration from my mood-board and used my branding to create a sleek, vibrant and modern weather/music app that people will enjoy to use.


I considered some subtle animations in the app. I wanted the rain to be falling from the top of the screen, similarly for snow or hail. The rays on the sun could spin around. Also, when the app is searching for your location the triangle would spin around, and when you are found it would point down towards your location on the screen.