The Brief

The client needed their brochure updated to showcase new products and prices with a fresh new cover page design.

My Approach

This was the first project I had worked on where I was liaising directly with the client both via email and on the phone. 

I was in charge of making sure all images were CMYK and print ready. I was also responsible for layout, editing photos, proof reading and inputting correct information. 


For this project, it was really all about the design of the layout. It was a brochure after all and I needed to make sure that the products were laid out properly and look attractive to potential customers. Here, the millimetres really did matter. 

The images used in the brochure were supplied to me from the client. This definitely had it's pros and cons - while it was handy that I didn't have to go and source the images myself, it did mean most of the images used had to be re-sized and reformatted so the colours would print properly. However, this taught me so much about how the world of print works. 

Not only did i have to ensure the layout of the images were perfect, I also had to make sure the actual leaflet and pages were set up properly and ensure the entire brochure was print ready.